blink-182 – “Happy Days” – Review

Pop Punk legends, blink-182 have released yet another new single titled, “Happy Days,” the better half of two recently released singles: “Blame It On My Youth” and “Generational Divide.” blink-182 has always been a band “there” whenever the tough got tougher, and the light in my life got lower. Through my personal highs and lows, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker have been there.

So, are Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Matt Skiba ready to feel a new happy day with producer Tim Pagnotta of Sugarcult? Or, are the grey skies closing in on these rock legends? Let’s find out.

The Review

“Left looking for an easy way out,” these lyrics express the heart and soul of blink-182’s new single, “Happy Days.” Wasting zero time with their new single, blink-182 bring the flame and sword with a chorus that will nestle itself deep within your mind by the first time you’re done listening, soon enough you’ll be singing “I wanna feel happy days, happy days.” blink-182’s new tune is mature, relatable (for all ages), and truly brings out why so many love this band unconditionally.

Instrumentally, “Happy Days” is very reminiscent of blink-182’s sound used in their 2011 released album Neighborhoods mixed a little with 2016’s California. A true banger. Leading the charge with their new single is bassist Mark Hoppus, showcasing that an upcoming album can manage to steer away from dual vocals, with guitarist Matt Skiba only coming in through backing vocals to help amplify Hoppus. It’s pretty clear blink-182 have me feeling happier with this one.

That Ending Though

All-in-all, blink-182 have released their “Adam’s Song” for a new generation with “Happy Days.” A chilling cold truth look into depression and the ins and outs that come with battling inner demons. A topic bassist Mark Hoppus never seems to shy away from, recently speaking about his own bouts of depression and his close call with the end. Hopefully, there are more songs like this one on blink-182’s upcoming album, currently scheduled for a September release.

If you’d like to check out blink-182’s new single, “Happy Days” for yourself, you can stream it right now through any of the big streaming services, or by clicking this handy link provided by blink-182. Also, check out the band’s current tour dates via their official website if you’re interested in a fun-filled summer.

Brandon Flores

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