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blink-182 Learn New "Dance" Moves In "Darkside" Music Video

Are you ready for the biggest mash-up ever? blink-182 x Fortnite! You’re not ready? Well, too bad because blink-182’s new music video for “Darkside” features Mark, Matt, and Travis surrounded by a bunch of dance moves made famous by the infamous video game. blink-182’s new music video for “Darkside” was directed by Andrew Sandler, and somehow features…
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blink-182 Announce New Album 'Nine'

blink-182 have announced they’ll be releasing their highly anticipated new album, Nine, on September 20 via Columbia Records. The album announcement was proceeded by three singles that will appear on the upcoming album; “Blame It On My Youth,&#8221…
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blink-182 Tease New Single "Darkside"

blink-182 are oiling up the hype train once again with a tease of their upcoming single, “Darkside,” which will be released this coming Friday, July 26. A snippet of the upcoming single made its tease-ful rounds thanks to a blink-182 themed phone number…