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blink-182 – “EDGING” Review: Simple, Fun, And Catchy

blink-182 is back with their catchy new single, "EDGING." But is the band's new single set to split their fan base? Find out in our review.

Earlier this week legendary pop-punk band blink-182 announced that they would be reuniting with founding member Tom DeLonge for an extensive world tour and new album, with their first single together in over eight years coming today in the form of “EDGING,” a catchy tune for those late midnight drives.

But is the Travis Barker-produced single everything fans have been waiting for since Tom DeLonge departed blink-182 eight years ago? Or should fans strap in and go along for the fun ride Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Tom DeLonge have in store for them?

“EDGING” is far from your typical blink-182 affair. It’s no “Not Now” or “Dammit.” But it doesn’t need all of that baggage of “does this sound blink-182 enough” to showcase the band’s members having a good time together. And that’s simply what blink-182’s latest single is; FUN.

The way drummer Travis Barker bounces around on the drums throughout “EDGING” isn’t anything we’ve heard from the skilled drummer throughout blink-182’s extensive catalog. So, pairing Barker’s vibrant beats with Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge’s vocal melodies is enough to bring the sun out on a rainy day.

“EDGING” will undoubtedly come upon split ears within the blink-182 fan base, but one thing is for sure, the single’s infectious and numbing chorus will even get stuck in the heads of the most unforgiving fans as they also sing “get the rope” on repeat throughout their week.

As I already stated, “EDGING” isn’t perfect, and it’s far from your typical blink-182 single, but it doesn’t need to be. This is blink-182 having fun and letting their complicated friendship shine through their problems in an arm-waving, mindless way, and that’s enough. Stop overthinking and have fun.

blink-182’s latest single, “EDGING,” is a prime example of a song that can’t please everyone. It’s a fast-paced, two-minute mess that’s fun, filled with joy, and made me dance throughout my day the moment I hit play.

If this is the direction of blink-182’s upcoming studio album, listeners are in for a fun summer soundtrack. I know I can’t wait to clap along to “EDGING” next year.

If you’re hyped for blink-182’s upcoming studio album, you can currently head over to blink-182’s merch site and pre-order a variety of colorful vinyl records.

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