Bastille Release New Song “Joy”

Bastille are officially back in full steam mode with their new single, “Joy.” Lead single off their upcoming album Doom Days, the band’s new single carries the weight of the upcoming album’s apocalyptic themes, filling in the needed boost of “hope” after the shadow of the band’s hit “Quarter Past Midnight” drops a black curtain on the world.

While talking about “Joy,” frontman Dan Smith stated: “That glimmer of hope at the end of the album says everything. The smallest human gesture can pull you back from the brink.” Being the band’s cure for a raging hangover must be a hard task, but “Joy” does it effortlessly, and manages to carry the weight of the rest of the album according to the band themselves.

Accompanying the release of “Joy,” Bastille released a beautiful visualizer for the track that will instantly capture your third eye, and take you on a fun-filled trip through the band’s new single, as you sing along with its chorus, “Oh joy. When you call me. I was giving up, Oh I was giving in.” A fun track, fun video, and as always a very fun band.

Featuring eleven tracks, Doom Days, will be released on June 14 via Virgin Records. You can find the album’s tracklist and other information right over here. Also, while you’re at it, why not find out if Bastille will be bringing Doom Days to your city, as the band have also announced a full spread North American tour that kicks off in September.

Brandon Flores

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