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MEST Release Clip Of New Song “Masquerade”


The clock is ticking down on a Kickstarter created by pop punk band MEST, to help fund their upcoming untitled album. With five days left on the clock, and down about $20,000 from their $50,000 goal, MEST have FINALLY released a small tease from the album they’ve been working on for the better half of 2019. Titled, “Masquerade” (from what I can tell) the new song which features original members of MEST: Tony Lovato, Jeremiah Rangel, Matt Lovato, and Nick Gigler is an instant killer.

An amazingly catchy track that sounds like it was ripped right from the band’s “last” album together, Photographs. Originally shared via frontman Tony Lovato’s Instagram profile, “Masquerade” seems to have garnered quite the attention from returning fans, and fans who have stuck with the band throughout the “Tony-era” years.

Featuring dual vocals from both Tony Lovato and Jeremiah Rangel, “Masquerade” feels like a return to form for the pop punk band. If the rest of MEST’s upcoming Cameron Webb produced album is more of this, than I hate that I can’t contribute the remaining $20,000 myself. Once again, if you’d like to help MEST own their upcoming album, you can head over to the band’s Kickstarter profile where they have some pretty cool perks up for grabs.

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