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MEST Reach Kickstarter Goal For 'Masquerade'

Things were looking dire for MEST in those last few hours. But, thanks to the power of social media and an energized fan base, pop punk band MEST have reached their $50,000 Kickstarter goal, which will see the band claim their upcoming album, Masquerade, for themselves. Featuring original MEST members: Tony Lovato, Jeremiah Rangel, Nick Gigler, and Matt Lovato. The album will also feature guest…
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MEST Release Clip Of New Song "Masquerade"

The clock is ticking down on a Kickstarter created by pop punk band MEST, to help fund their upcoming untitled album. With five days left on the clock, and down about $20,000 from their $50,000 goal, MEST have FINALLY released a small tease from the album they’ve been…
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Tony Lovato Shares Clip From New MEST Album

It’s no secret that I’m a pretty big fan of pop punk band MEST, and I’ve been following the production of their upcoming Cameron Webb produced album pretty closely. If you’re not too familiar with the work of Cameron Webb, he was the producer of the…