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Tony Lovato Shares Clip From New MEST Album

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It’s no secret that I’m a pretty big fan of pop punk band MEST, and I’ve been following the production of their upcoming Cameron Webb produced album pretty closely. If you’re not too familiar with the work of Cameron Webb, he was the producer of the 2018 released Alkaline Trio album, Is This Thing Cursed?, which was honestly one of the best albums that was released last year. Seeing Webb attached to the upcoming MEST album, helps me paint an image that MEST are actually taking this release pretty seriously.

Frontman Tony Lovato graciously shared our first listen to the upcoming album with a short behind the scenes look within the studio, and oh boy does it sound pretty good. Granted, it’s a very short clip that only features what’s most likely the track’s main riff, and a very few lines of vocals but it’s certainly enough to get me on the MEST hype train going deeper into 2019.

It’s always wonderful seeing the original members of MEST together, and I’m hoping with the release of this album we see this original lineup playing a few more shows together, as the chemistry just can’t be beat. Also, let it be known, it’s also always great to see Assuming We Survive front man Adrian Estrella who makes an appearance closer to the end of the Instagram video.

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