Sum 41 – ‘Order In Decline’ – Review

Sum 41 are hitting the playground once again with a new album, Order In Decline via Hopeless Records. The July 19 released effort will feature singles “Out For Blood,” “Never There,” and “45 (A Matter Of Time)” and seven other punk-filled tunes.

Each song that has been released so far from Order In Decline has been amazing. But, do Sum 41 still have the charm, charisma, and attitude to release anything meaningful? Or, are Sum 41 simply washed up, stale, and should just call it quits? Let’s find out.

The Review

Turning Away:

Don’t turn away from Order In Decline’s opening tune “Turning Away,” as you’d be missing out on one of the best opening track’s to a Sum 41 album in recent memory. “Turning Away” is aggressive, fast, and filled to the brim with that sweet Sum 41 angst that got them to where they are today. Sum 41 doesn’t skimp on their punk cred when it comes to this one, a fantastic display of sound that will keep your blood pumping for hours.

“I don’t want to be stuck inside a memory,” the type of relatable lyrical qualities you’ll come to find while jumping into this one. You’ll be wanting to run around the block after getting “Turning Away” into your bloodstream.

Out For Blood:

“Out For Blood” is a song I previously reviewed when it was released as Order In Decline’s lead single. So, does it still hold up to how I felt about it back in April? Heck yes! “Out For Blood” is fast, catchy, and the perfect companion piece to your next gym workout. Instrumentally, “Out For Blood” brings Sum 41’s classic sound into an evolving state that’s truly a pleasure to the ear. An aggressive hit piece that had me hooked within its first few note changes. This is Sum 41 at their best.

The New Sensation:

Muse is that you? “The New Sensation” or the perfect dystopian anthem for the further decay of the world is by far the weakest track featured on Order In Decline. But, that’s not saying much as it’s still a solid track that brings forth some very meaningful themes and the state of the world as a whole. “It’s alright, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay,” the type of substance boost one can find while jamming to “The New Sensation” at the next resistance meetup.

As a standalone “The New Sensation” would be even more amazing. But, sandwiched between “Out For Blood” and “A Death In The Family” truly took away its thunder and grandeur.

A Death In The Family:

A kick in the teeth is a real possibility while listening to “A Death In The Family.” A phenomenal display of Sum 41’s musical prowess. Being the follow-up single to “Out For Blood” can’t be easy, but “A Death In The Family” takes its insecurities head-on and proves on its own two feet just how amazing it can be. A fast-paced, all attitude struggle is the only way to describe this one.

“Your lies will tear you apart,” the perfect example to showcase Sum 41’s attitude and conviction of today’s world. Instrumentally, “A Death In The Family” showcases that old Sum 41 Underclass Hero political flair with ease, an amazing set of instrumental melodies that will have you hooked before vocalist Deryck Whibley even shows up.

Heads Will Roll:

“Heads Will Roll” is how I see The Beatles sounding if they were a punk band in 2019. Amazing flair, striking instrumentals, and one of the best vocal performances by Deryck Whibley on this whole damn album. “Heads Will Roll” is the highlight of Order In Decline, and I want more. A fun track down to its core, “Heads Will Roll” houses one of the most infectious guitar riffs and tone shifts presented by Sum 41, as soon as the song kicks into high-gear expect to be moving around your surrounding with attitude and style.

Lyrically, “Heads Will Roll” is pretty basic in contrast with some of the other songs featured on Order In Decline, but oh boy was I singing “you don’t want to make me lose my shit, ’cause heads will roll” for a good few hours. I swear Sum 41’s new album is simply the best workout soundtrack one could ask for.

45 (A Matter Of Time):

Didn’t I mention Underclass Hero just a bit ago? Well, “45 (A Matter Of Time)” fits perfectly within Sum 41’s arsenal of political rock anthems that were featured on Underclass Hero. A masterpiece of punk flair, strategic opinion, and a spotlight shining hard on the circus the world is slowly becoming. “45 (A Matter Of Time)” manages to play around with serious themes in a fast-paced and relatable manner without overreaching and sounding like every other political hit piece.

“45 (A Matter Of Time)” showcases perfectly how those who are still sane worry for the humankind as we slowly burn all progress to the ground while still staying hopeful for a better tomorrow.

Never There:

Sum 41 to me always shines when displaying their hearts on their sleeves, and that’s just what you get when jumping into “Never There.” An emotional, hard-hitting tale of abandonment and moving on. “Never There” already wins by being an acoustic masterpiece, and shining as one of the best songs to come from Sum 41’s latest effort. “Never There” at times shares the same shades of hit song “Pieces,” in that it’s a reflective tale of one’s inner struggles and coming to terms with how to deal with them.

If you’re someone that has fallen off the Sum 41 bandwagon and are looking to get back into the Canadian punk band, “Never There” is a good reminder that they’re still the same attitude-filled, emotionally charged band they’ve always been. “Never There” joins hard hitter “Heads Will Roll” as being one of the best songs to be featured on Order In Decline. A slowly paced ballad that will have you sobbing within seconds.

Eat You Alive:

Sum 41 still knows how to hit it hard. “Eat You Alive” is classic Sum 41 down to its very core, displaying anthemic qualities, sing-a-long verses, and instrumentals that will have you drooling. Clocking in at under three minutes, “Eat You Alive” sports the shortest run time of all ten tracks featured on Order In Decline, but goes on to prove Sum 41 don’t need three minutes or more to get their point across. “Eat You Alive” is simple in the best ways possible, and is the quality I expect from a band like Sum 41 while entering the bottom half of an album.

“Eat You Alive” will keep your attention, keep you entertained, and have you singing along to all two minutes and forty-four seconds.

The People Vs…:

Keeping with the in your face charge of “Eat You Alive,” “The People Vs…” is a fast-paced slobber knocker that will keep you entertained, invoking one-person mosh pits, and have your not-so-cool parents yelling at you to “turn down that noise.” Sum 41’s political musical affairs have always been amazing, keeping true to punk attitude, and “The People Vs…” is no exception.

Featuring one of the only guitar solos to be featured on Order in Decline, “The People Vs…” is a musical darling, and showcases with ease everything one could come to love about these Canadian rockers.

Catching Fire:

“If I failed you, I swear I tried my best,” and their best is what was received with Order In Decline’s closing track. “Catching Fire” is by far my favorite song off Sum 41’s latest album, with “Never There” being a very close second. The atmosphere built up leading to “Catching Fire” made this one special. The slower and somber pace of “Catching Fire” contrasts beautifully against the aggressive nature of “The People Vs…” and showcases how amazing Sum 41 can be at tossing one’s world upside down with a tight tone shift.

Instrumentally, “Catching Fire” is pretty simple, but an emotional ride nonetheless when combined with the soaring vocals of frontman Deryck Whibley who truly brings this album home with a continued source of some of the best vocals he has displayed in years. “Catching Fire” packs a punch, and has me looking forward to even more Sum 41 rock anthems in the future.

That Ending Though

Order In Decline will invoke anger, sadness, and thought-provoking self-reflections, everything that makes for a good Sum 41 record. Plain and simple, Order In Decline is the best Sum 41 album to be released since 2004’s Chuck. The clear passion, effort, and love that went into Sum 41’s new album can be felt throughout all ten tracks. With the release of Order In Decline, I can say I’ve never been this excited to see where Sum 41 are headed in their future.

Sum 41 will release Order In Decline via Hopeless Records on July 19, with pre-orders still currently available. If you’d prefer to purchase Order In Decline via Target you’ll also get two bonus acoustic versions of “Catching Fire” and “Heads Will Roll.” Also, check out Sum 41’s official website for upcoming tour dates.

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