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“Runs On Guilt” – Darro – Review

Darro is signing out no more as he hits the pavement, taking off down the street from a monstrosity called “love” in his new track, “Runs On Guilt.” Darro is quickly making a name for himself in the pop-rock scene as he continues to pump out banger tracks after banger tracks.

While chatting about his latest song, Darro stated, “this song [“Runs On Guilt”] tells the tragic story about a toxic relationship where one partner is extremely manipulative, and the other keeps coming back.” Pretty much explaining an unfortunate tale as old as time.

Continuing, Darro explains, “the protagonist has moments of realization that they need to leave the relationship or risk losing their way. In the end, the protagonist tragically succumbs to the lust and desire of their manipulative partner and accepts that this is their life now.”

Truly a tragic realization. But, does “Runs On Guilt” fall for the same fate? Or does it flourish where it’s protagonist fails? Let’s find out.

The Review

Not as directly in your face as “Signing Out.” But, “Runs On Guilt” manages to get beneath your skin with each note, melody, and heart-piercing lyric. “But I got her on my mind. She runs on guilt,” the most relatable line featured throughout the track. What Darro brings to the table with his latest release is the truth behind most love stories; heartbreak, guilt trips, and endless crocodile tears.

Instrumentally, “Runs On Guilt” is a banger, and I would most definitely blast an instrumental version of the tune throughout my car’s sound system. It’s nothing too fresh, but it’s just fresh enough to be different, and from listening to a few of Darro’s tracks, both past, and future, it’s clear he strives to be a different entity in the great big musical world.

As I stated from the beginning; “Runs On Guilt” isn’t trying to be in your face like Darro’s previously released “Signing Out,” but it doesn’t have to be to achieve the same amount of emotional success, as I’m sure many of you that will give this song a chance can admit to being in a controlling and toxic relationship at least once and Darro jumps in and out of those loops with ease.

Conveying the exact emotions one might feel even when said person knows better. “Runs On Guilt” is the perfect track to play on repeat when you’ve just had enough. At times I even caught myself air-guitaring to the track’s fun-filled guitar riffs. As I said, this track is a fun, emotional time.

Wrapping Up

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While I don’t think I’ll have “Runs On Guilt” on repeat as much as I had “Signing Out,” it’s more of a testament that I don’t need a reminder of how I felt being in a guilt-trip fueled relationship.

But, just like his previously released singles, I can’t wait to hear how these all sound when played together in their respective orders. Darro keeps hitting it out of the ballpark, and this track is no exception to that. It’s emotionally charged, cringe-filled, and just the right amount of soul-breaking to keep listeners coming back for more.

If you’d like to keep a grip on all things Darro, or you want to let him know your own personal thoughts on “Runs On Guilt,” you can do so by heading over to his official website and connecting with him through his social channels.

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