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Mark Hoppus, Alex Gaskarth Release “Drug” From New Project

Have you ever wondered what a side project from blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth would sound like? Well, you no longer have to wonder what this super collaboration would sound like as they’ve announced their new project Simple Creatures today with the release of their first single, “Drug.”

Taking to their personal Instagram accounts to announce the project, Alex shared “Well, my good friend Mark Hoppus and I have been quietly making music together for a little while now and we’re finally ready to share it with ya. We’re calling this baby Simple Creatures and we’d like to invite you to join us for the ride.” Following the sentiment from the All Time Low front man, Mark also shared his excitement for the project, “So stoked to finally share Simple Creatures with the world! Alex and I have been working on this new band for a while.”

“Drug” is a very catchy tune, and I can already picture myself hitting that repeat button constantly throughout the rest of the day, as I’m sure a good majority of you will be doing the same, unless you really dislike the constant “na na na” portions of the song, which in case you probably didn’t like blink-182’s latest album California as well. But, if you’re a lover of the “na na na” than this song will be your bad juju for the next week or so. We’ll have a more detailed review of “Drug” later this week.

Following the release of “Drug,” Simple Creatures plan to release their first EP sometime in March, and I couldn’t be anymore excited to see what other concoctions these two can create together. What do you think of Mark Hoppus’ and Alex Gaskarth’s new project?

Brandon Flores

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