blink-182 Release “What’s My Age Again?” Feat. Lil Wayne

blink-182 are heading out on an epic 2019 North American tour featuring world renowned rapper Lil Wayne and UK pop punk group Neck Deep. To commemorate the summer occasion, blink-182 and Lil Wayne have released a music video featuring a mashup of their hit songs, “What’s My Age Again?” and “A Milli.”

An interesting mashup but certainly not the worst I’ve ever heard, I actually quite enjoy it, which seems to be the complete opposite trend of blink-182 fans across the internet. Not being a huge fan of Lil Wayne, I can appreciate the end result of the mashup between “What’s My Age Again?” and “A Milli.” It’s a fun mix up from what listeners have come to expect from blink-182, and I’m happy to see these pop punk legends stepping out of their comfort zones.

The video itself is nothing “special,” as it features blink-182 and Lil Wayne in what appears to be blink-182’s practice space. But, what I enjoyed seeing was the energy between blink-182 and Lil Wayne. I’m excited to check out this fusion between the pop punk and rap worlds this coming summer.

If you’re interested in checking out blink-182, Lil Wayne and Neck Deep this summer, you can find out more information by heading over to blink-182’s official website.

Brandon Flores

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