Artwork for Hawthorne Heights' new single Thunder In Our Hearts

Hawthorne Heights Keep Their Momentum Going With New Single “Thunder In Our Hearts”

Hawthorne Heights are back with another big single, this time titled "Thunder In Our Hearts." Stream the latest track by these emo-rock legends now.

Hawthorne Heights can’t seem to stop dropping banger tracks lately! Today, the Emo Saints of Dayton, OH, have released their latest hard-hitting anthem titled, “Thunder In Our Hearts,” which follows previously released singles “Constant Dread” and “The Rain Just Follows Me.” Composed of larger-than-life melodies, screams galore, and all the heart-pumping guitar riffs one could ask for, “Thunder In Our Hearts” continues the trend of what I truly think could be one of Hawthorne Heights’ best albums if their last three singles are anything to go by.

While speaking on their latest offering, frontman JT Woodruff shared, “During the ‘Rain Sessions’, I developed panic attacks that kept me up until 4 am every night, and I just couldn’t shake them. So most nights, I was laying in the bed shaking until 4 am, then waking up at 7 am to get ready for the recording session. Every night, my heart felt like it was going to explode, and there were moments that truly scared me. During one of my shakedowns, I wrote these lyrics about how the darkness that I feel always happens between the nightmare and the dream, and it just seemed to hit right. It all started to make sense. I needed to be home. I wanted to be home. But I just couldn’t get there.”

“Thunder In Our Hearts” is a fantastic single that brings fans of the emo-rock legends closer and closer to the release of their upcoming full-length album. The Rain Just Follows Me is scheduled for release digitally on September 10th, which is coming up fast. If you’d like a physical copy of Hawthorne Heights’ new album, you can pre-order one of their limited edition vinyl variants which are looking at a release date of October 22nd.

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