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Darro Releases Fiery New Song “Used Me (All Along),” Toxic Relationship Inbound

Up-and-coming EMO rocker Darro dropped a spicy new single titled "Used Me (All Along)." Check it out now.

It’s no surprise we love rising star musician Darro here. His tracks “Signing Out” and “Runs On Guilt” are still go-to for me when I need something to get the blood pumping. Well, master wordsmith, Darro dropped his spicy new track, “Used Me (All Along),” yesterday, and boy is it a fiery piece of toxic relationship goodness.

“Used Me (All Along),” described by Darro himself, is about “the feeling of discovering that your ex wasn’t in the relationship as much as you were, followed by the realization that you’d been used by them in some way.” If this track isn’t already relatable in some way to many listeners, then Darro might as well pack it up now. Luckily for Darro, this is just another banger in what should be a long flow of bangers after bangers.

Such a tragic piece of sound that sounds so damn good to the ears. “Used Me (All Along)” is Darro at his finest, and I’m constantly finding myself impressed with each new release. Continuing his deep-dive into his latest track, Darro shares that “Used Me (All Along)” is a “culmination of all my worst breakup moments so far. It’s a cocktail of feelings of feeling betrayed and used by partners. I hope that none of you have had the misfortune of experiencing this, but if you have, I hope you find a little bit of solace in this song.”

Suppose you want even more Darro in your life, head on over to his official website, where you can find links to all of his social media, which is where you can bug the heck out of the guy. It’s also a great spot to keep in the know for new releases.

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