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Sum 41 - 'Order In Decline' - Review

Sum 41 are hitting the playground once again with a new album, Order In Decline via Hopeless Records. The July 19 released effort will feature singles “Out For Blood,” “Never There,” and “45 (A Matter Of Time)” and seven other punk-filled tunes. Each song that has been released so far from Order In Decline has been amazing. But, do Sum 41 still have the…
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Woes - 'Awful Truth' - Review

Scottish pop-punks Woes released their debut album, Awful Truth, a few weeks ago via UNFD. These pop-punk hopefuls teamed with acclaimed producer Seb Barlow who has worked his magic with bands such as Neck Deep, WSTR, and Roam. It sounds like a match made in heaven.
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EXNATIONS - 'Pink Haze' - Review

Sad-pop indie three-piece EXNATIONS are bringing a haze of the pink variety across your summer, with the release of their sophomore EP Pink Haze. Having grabbed my interest months ago with the release of lead single “Tether,” EXNATIONS have been a regular on my…