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Angels & Airwaves "Kiss & Tell" With New Single

Angels & Airwaves are showing off their punk roots with new single, “Kiss & Tell.” Scheduled to be released tomorrow, it would appear both Angels & Airwaves and label Rise Records decided to give fans a treat with the early release of Tom DeLonge’s space-rock band’s latest single, which had its premiere last night during the band’s first live show in seven…
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Angels & Airwaves Join Rise Records

Angels & Airwaves being the cryptic masters of space and time appear to be releasing a new song on April 30, which for some reason if you didn’t know is this coming Tuesday. It hasn’t been a secret that Angels & Airwaves planned on taking the music world…
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Angels & Airwaves Begin Teasing April 30?

What could Angels & Airwaves possibly have planned for April 30? Earlier today, the band released a cryptic social media post with the caption “back before we were broken-hearted?” with what appears to be the date of April 30th towards the end. It’s no…