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Angels & Airwaves - "Rebel Girl" - Review

After almost five years since the release of The Dream Walker, space-rock band Angels & Airwaves are setting fire to radio waves once more with their latest single, “Rebel Girl.” With the release of “Rebel Girl,” joining the Rise Records family, and a planned fall tour, I have to say, I haven’t been this excited to be an Angels & Airwaves fan in a very long…
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Envoi - "The Seas" - Review

After a three year hiatus, Cleveland pop punk band Envoi have returned with a bang, a purpose, and most importantly: NEW TUNES. Kicking off their comeback, Envoi have released a new song titled, “The Seas,” which as frontwoman Madeline Finn puts it: “is a…
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Review: Fletcher - "Undrunk"

Talk about a flashback to last year! A little backstory, my wife and I decided to catch a “small” band you might know that goes by the name Bastille, and opening for this little band was a woman known as Fletcher. Now, I didn’t know what to expect as…